Thursday, January 20, 2011

Salt Lake City Wins $1 Million in Walmart's "Fighting Hunger Together" Competition

Salt Lake City topped communities from throughout the U.S. to win one million dollars to go towards fighting local hunger.  

With over 5 million votes, Salt Lake surpassed all other communities involved to take the top prize of one million dollars.  The next closest community was Fresno, California with 4.3 million votes.  Other cities didn't garner more than 400,000 votes.

The Daily Universe reported on one individual who greatly participated in gathering people's support.

"One pivotal individual was Michael Faragher. Faragher, an Orem native, heard about the “Fighting Hunger Together” campaign while listening to the radio in his car.  At the time, Salt Lake City had climbed from 47th place to 4th place in just a few weeks.
Once he found how easy it was to vote, Faragher said he decided to try to mobilize others to help Salt Lake City win the campaign. He said he tried to make voting as easy and efficient for others as he could.
“We figured out we could set up a wall with lots of posts and all you had to do was click like, leave a comment, and share it and that would give [Salt Lake City] three votes,” Faragher said."

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