Sunday, January 23, 2011


Dating Tips

Do- be leery of a guy who hasn't kissed you after seven dates, he might be socially inept.
Don't- expect a relationship out of a guy who kisses you on the first date.

Do- feel free to communicate your feelings for someone you like.
Don't- ask to hold a DTR after the first date, or for that matter, after any number of dates.

Do-send the after-date text if you are interested.
Don't-continue to send texts if you're not receiving responses.

D0-dress to impress.
Don't-talk about A&F, True Religion, or any other clothes brand on your date.

And a few more things...

Dating Humor

A Kiss is not a contract, but it is very, very nice!

Dating for Married Couples

And for you married folk out there, mix up the schedule once in a while, cause it's BUSINESS TIME!

Share your dating do's and don'ts with us, we would love to hear them all.

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