Sunday, January 23, 2011


With the steep competition of great guys and gals at BYU, one must be innovative when it comes to dating ideas. Some advice for the guys out there, dinner and a movie or just "hanging out" is not going to get you too far with the ladies.

Instead, be creative. Or if you are in the accounting program :), you can use one of these ideas:
First Date-Date Ideas-Walking on Water


(Investment=Approx. $18)

Go to Home Depot or Lowes and purchase an 8 foot x 4 foot sheet of Styrofoam.

Date Objective

Design a pair of Styrofoam shoes that will allow you to walk on water. (Dating an engineer, chemist, or physicist may be a bonus)

Fun Part of Date

After designing your shoes, drive to the nearest lake,pond, or pool and test them out. The couple who can walk the farthest on water wins. Falling in the water may create a fun date night as well. :) Enjoy!


Jimmer practically does walk on water around Provo right now!The Marriott Center might not be your first idea for a fantastic date but it is the hot place to be right now! The team is on fire and Jimmer Fredette cannot be stopped. Spend your night in line and then cheering as BYU basketball wins.

Your Dating Ideas

We admit that we are not the dating pros, so we want to hear your ideas. Please leave a comment telling us about your fun dating ideas.

Also, read up on other dating stories or check out the other things happening in the bubble like sports, humor, blogging, or even Condoleeza Rice.

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