Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BYU Old Spice Parody - New Spice

BYU Old Spice Commercial

Summer 2010 BYU's Harold B. Lee Library Viral Video

If you haven't seen this by now - where have you been?


The Library posted this BYU Old Spice video July 15th 2010 right after Old Spice made a huge social media "Questions" campaign. Old Spice's campaign included posting tailored videos to answer users questions on youtube, facebook, twitter, and yahoo answers. I was enthralled by these videos and would adaptively watch each video as the y would release about five every ten minutes. They made over 180 videos in total!

BYU Old Spice parody with Steven Jones and Old Spice Man

BYU had been working on their BYU Old Spice video for quite some time because they were parodying the Super Bowl Commercial Old Spice made in Feburary. It just worked out that BYU's Library had perfect timing.

My Experience

I worked at the library at the time and I remember getting an email with a link to the video. I watched it and laughed and then watched it again. At the time there were 500 views. Then over the next day it was up to 150,000. The day after that it was 500,000. Just like a cold virus this BYU Old Spice video was contagious. I was amazed when it got up to 1,000,000 views! I saw it on sites such as the huffingtonpost. Later I found out Katie Couric even included BYU's parody in the opening story of the nightly news. It was funny that everyone wanted to show me this video because I worked in the library. The funniest came when a friend posted it on my facebook wall three months later and thought I had not seen the video. I guess some people catch the viral cold much slower than others. Another viral video was made by BYU's Divine Comedy concerning Provo Girls.

- Brian

Here is another link for behind the scenes video on the making of BYU's Library video.

Just for fun here is Grover's Parody from Sesame Street:

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