Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Provo Girls = Crazy

Divine Comedy Makes Us Laugh at Provo Girls

Gotta Love those Good Ol' Provo Girls

Only in the Bubble… will you find you find girls like these! Even the cheese nature of video exemplifies the uniqueness or dare I say peculiarity of the Provo Culture. There's another less cheesy video that contains a BYU Old Spice Commercial parody that is worth viewing also.

The important fact in all this is the video is only funny because it is so true! Provo girls are obsessed with marriage, baby hungry, initiate a DTR on the first date, and have crazy big hair. I know, I know – they are not all like this, yeah it’s a stereotype and over exaggerated, but yet there is just too much truth and it’s just too easy to laugh.

Growing up in Oregon it was a huge culture shock when I moved to BYU. Frankly I wasn’t used to all the Mormons. Yet over time I have come to embrace it and thoroughly enjoy trying to understand why Mormons act the way they do.

Just Because...

However, I must caution to all the Provo girls out there – Just because we hung out once, it doesn’t mean we’re in a relationship. AND just because we have been dating for a month, it doesn’t mean I want to talk about marriage… not that this has ever happened or that I would ever name names [Sarah, Angela, Jenna, Megan and S.] ok maybe I’ll get some flack for this post but oh well.

All in all I think it is great that Provo girls know what they want and are determined to get it! Soon enough you are going to find him!


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