Wednesday, January 19, 2011


DTR means Define the Relationship

Apparently Acronyms Are Fun!

Recently, I was playing a scrabble like game and came across these three letters:

DTR scrabble letters - DTR meaning Define the Relationship

Only in the Bubble… would you know what a DTR stands for! Or I guess if you look DTR up on Urban Dictionary.


What is a DTR like?

Having a DTR means the couple sits down and talks about where their relationship is going. It should just be going to dinner but somehow needs to be taken to the next level of dating or just remaining as friends. DTR’s are often unexpected and can be very awkward. Hopefully the surprised victim can think quickly on their feet. Or just have disaster dates and avoid a DTR all together.

Mormon Acronyms

DTR’s made me think about Mormons and acronyms in general. We have millions of them, such as:

CTR = Choose the Right
LDS = Latter Day Saint
BoM = Book of Mormon
FHE = Family Home Evening
GA = General Authority
MTC = Missionary
EFY = Especially For Youth
AoF = Articles of Faith
PEC = Priesthood Executive Council
BYC = Bishop’s Youth Council
BSA = Boy’s Scouts of America
CES = Church Educational System
D&C = Doctrine and Covenants
WoW = Word of Wisdom
YSA = Young Single Adult

BotP = Beware of the Potluck
BYOJ = Bring Your Own Jell-O

Alright I made this last two up but you get the point right? Mormons just love acronyms!


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